Jackin With The Drums


Music: Techno

Label: Mährtrasher Records, Bronson Records, Tuff' Em Up! Records, We Blast Out Records

Sounds like: The Advent, Truncate, Brian Sanhaji, Alex Bau, TWR72, Louis Flores


Jackin With The Drums is a DJ, producer and remixer trio from Belgium. A long friendship and common music interest unified these three friends, who where djing through belgium under different projects. In summer 2011 they started up with Jackin With The Drums. Their first EP Ahoj & Vulcan was released on WBO records and was the start of their journey. A track of their first EP made a buzz and was also played by Annie Nightingales on her Show on BBC 1. The original Ahoj was picked up by Myspace in the hottest tracks of may 2012. During the next months the guys made official remixes for Meisterfackt and the newcomers Skinlips and Karl M. Their Remix of Bingo Player‘s „Rattle“ gained a lot of reactions in the scene and gets support by known DJ‘s ( e.g. Modek, Fat and Ugly) Their second EP "Enormous" has been released mid of december 2012 on Tuff Em Up! Records (Australia), which released for the first time a techno EP. Tuff Em Up is known for signing talented dj`s (f.o.o.l., Dem Slakers, Redial, dj Attention, Barresto, Etnik,..) and their intuition was right again, because the EP got direct support from DJ's like Zombie Nation, Tommie Sunshine, NT89, TWR72, Modek, Larry Tee, Henzel & Disco Nova, Sound of Stereo, Malente,... Following, they released few months later a remix for the Italian Producer Pump The Noise. The Remix from his track “Casino Royale” should be the best ambience track that you’ve heard so far. Beside of this Remix they already produced their 3rd EP. But the time past by fast and before releasing their third EP they released a Remix for the French producer Molecule and the collab Autodidakt & Nadisko. Following the remixes released a three Original tracks EP (like on Tuff) called Technoracy EP. Again on this release they showed that they really don’t need remixers to produce a diversified EP. Like always we know from them they brought us an high quality EP with at least one club banger which is named “cycle”. In 2014 they turned up, their remix of Tiga’s and Audion’s „Let’s go Dancing“ pushed them in a higher class. Few month later they released their 4th studio EP called Black with Remixes from BNR Legends Gunrose and Baskerville as well as a Remix of the Belgian Techno Queen Raving George. From now on their support came from the Elite. Not less than Maceo Plex, Solomum, Mixhell, Mumbai Science, Don Rimini (to name a few) gave their support or played their tracks.

Following to the EP, they released Remixes for Nitemode, Sirkuz Sirkus, Blitzkrieg and Jean E la Plastique. In 2015 they released Remixes for Sovnger, KMRT & Static Starlight and got high response. During the years, they played a lot in Germany and Belgium. Beside to their shows in clubs they also played at Festivals. To name a few they played at Les Ardentes Festival (Liege//BE), Docklands Festival (Münster//GER), Polygone Festival (Hannut//BE), Festival La Mousserie (Pottes//BE) and Pixxen Festival (Neukamperfehn//GER).


Originals 04/2012 Ahoj & Vulcan EP (We Blast Out Records Canada) 12/2012 Enormous EP (Tuff Em Up! Records Australia) 11/2013 Technoracy EP (Bronson Records France) 06/2014 Black EP (Mähtrasher Records Germany)

Official Remixes of.. 06/12 KarlM - Lemon Drop (Free to download) 07/12 Meisterfackt - Voodoo Crack (We Blast Out Records Canada) 08/12 Skinlips - At The Drops (ThaF Records France) 04/13 Pump The Noise - Casino Royale (Woot Records Italy) 10/13 Molecule - Havard Oppression (Milles Feuilles France) 10/13 Autodidakt & Nadisko - Victory (Mähtrasher Records Germany) 04/14 Sirkuz Sirkus & Nitemode - Ravival (Crux Records USA) 06/14 Jean E La Plastique - Completely Normal (Mähtrasher Records Germany) 17/12 Blitzkrieg - Hyperopia (Voxnox Records Germany) 03/15 KMRT & Static Starlight - I Dont' Need Friends (Mähtrasher Records Germany) 04/15 Sovnger - Kyoto (Police Records France)

All Tracks available on iTunes & Beatport

Unofficial Remixes of.. 01/12 Bingo Players - Rattle (Free to download) 12/13 Tiga & Audion - Let‘s Go Dancing (Free to download)

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